Welcome to the Circle

The Kickstarter is over, and everyone who pledged will get their copy by the delivery date. 

But you can still get the book right here, right now, and any extra rewards you want!

"These pieces reflect deep compassion and committed empathy. Incredibly moving. I read it in one sitting." 

-Maggie D.

"The writing is full of emotion and one can feel that it's sprouting directly from your heart." 

-Satdeep G.

I never expected to wind up in a mental hospital, yet life threw me an unexpected turn. Mental illness is not a dead end, however. It can be a powerful beginning.

Mental health isn't easy to talk about. I wrote this book to help people on their personal journeys of illness and recovery. I wrote it for people whose loved ones are struggling. I wrote it to deepen compassion and acceptance for how mental illness can interrupt lives, but doesn't have to be their defining tragedy.

Welcome to the Circle is my story, and the multitude of lessons I've learned along the way. Dive into the essays, sit down with the poems, tick through the lists, and dig into the guides. I truly hope they add insight, understanding, empathy, and practical knowledge to your life.

I want to invite you into the conversation I've been having, for the last 7 years, about mental illness and mental health, recovery and redemption, life and loss, gratitude and hope.

This journey doesn't have an end-point. It's a conversation that spans a lifetime, and even generations. To heal and to grow, we need to pull up our chairs, sit down, speak our stories, and listen to the people around us.

Read the online version: welcometothecircle.net